Windham’s Helping Hands Senior Services offers and refers support to seniors in the community which helps them remain in their homes and live independently.

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Senior Services

seniorsWindham’s Helping Hands is interested in expanding its services and resources to include the needs of the Senior Citizens in our community. We are excited about possibilities that have been proposed such as helping a senior neighbor in need, facilitating grandparent adoptions for senior citizens whose extended families live far away, lending a helping hand, or taking a few minutes to visit.

Please let us know your ideas, interests, or possible involvement by calling
Kathy Davis
Town Administration Office
Donna Maroon

“It’s because of the generosity of people like you that families in need are able to create some sense of normalcy for themselves and their children during the holidays. Thank you for helping to alleviate our stress and helping us focus on the season.”

“Thank you so much for making meals and providing moral support for our family throughout my illness. You helped us cope in a diffucult situation.”

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