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Windham’s Helping Hands, Inc.
P.O. Box 4073
Windham, NH 03087

For general information:
Patti Letizio 603-818-1559
Tammy Serra 603-845-1552

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PLEASE NOTE that we are unable to accept clothing, appliances, or furniture donations unless specifically requested as we have no storage facility at this time. Thank you for considering WHH for these donations.

For now, please consider:

Our Board Members

  • Sally Hunt
  • Paula Carmichael
  • Cathy Pappalardo
  • Al Pappalardo
  • Ruth-Anne Calandra
  • Lizz Jodoin
  • Beth Baddeley
  • Christi Dunn
  • Judy Newcomb
  • Jay Moltenbrey
  • Donna Maroon
  • Kathy Ivey
  • Tammy Serra
  • Patti Letizio
  • Bill Merrill
  • Barbara Sofield
  • Kathy Merchel
  • Anna Jenoski
  • Kathy Davis
  • Jill Sapochetti

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