First Day of School Tomorrow



As we get ready to start school tomorrow, we wanted to once again give a big “Thank You” to everyone who donated sneakers, backpacks, and those perfect first day of school outfits. Your generosity and continued commitment to helping your neighbors in need, is the reason there will be so many happy faces arriving at our schools tomorrow! The amount of children each year has changed, but our focus and goal as to why we ask for your help at this time of year has remained the same.  The feeling of stepping into school on the first day, in bright shiny new sneakers and a new outfit is a favorite memory I’m certain most adults remember.  There are many different reasons why our children need a little help….but the excitement they have at being ready to start the school year just like their friends is exactly like the excitement we each felt so many years ago on our first days!!  Happy First Day of School WIndham – and Thank You EVERYONE for making our town the caring community that it is! 👖


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